Corey Davis trade

Corey Davis and the 21st overall for the 8th overall and 29th overall.

Basically do you like Corey Davis over all of the rookies this year. The one exception being whoever lands in Dallas.

I prefer the Davis side of this trade.

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Davis’ talent is def better than those pics IMO. The value however of the offense he is behind isn’t so great. I like Davis a lot and think he is going to be integrated more and more with Mariota. He was a top 5 pick in most drafts last year, let’s not forget that value. Stick it out with him and I see his value paying dividends for you…

Not sure if you’re getting Davis or not. But I agree with the other guy. Davis FTW!

I’d take Davis

In a 16 team league I traded Davis and 2.01 (picked up in a separate trade where I received 1.01 as well) for 1.14 and Jordan Howard.

I guess it’s where you value Howard with that one.

Didn’t matter as much to me as he was then on traded in a deal that snagged me 1.03

Davis for sure