COREY DAVIS?! Why, Why, Why?

Since week 1 I’ve heard Corey Davis will breakout. Except for one week, he’s averaging 4.5 ppg in my league. Why do I keep this guy on my team? I can’t trade him so do I hold? Good news is I’ll be 6-1 after this week.

I gave up and dropped him today. He might be good but the Titans offense sucks.

As the resident Corey Davis truther, no one feels your pain more so than me man.
when it comes down to it, it’s the exact same issue as Cooper. They’re both severely limited by their QBs and likely play calling.

Mariota was a huge wiff. This guy cannot QB in the NFL lol. He’s pretty awful. Until they start finding some schemes to make things simpler for this dude, you can’t really do much with anyone in that offense. Corey Davis included.

At this point, you may just have to drop him if there are better options on the waivers. Guys like allison will do more for your team probably.

I traded Davis and James White and my 3rd round pick for AB and a 5th!!! It was the week after Davis had his winning TD hahhaha !!!

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I have Davis on a couple teams, too. The problem is, he’ll be picked up if he’s dropped so he has some trade value. His value is so low though, that it will be really difficult to find the right trade for him. He has negative trade value with some owners. And you’re probably 3 weeks away from feeling comfortable starting him at this point.

He’s on a bad team. Burn em.

Traded him last week for Carson. I’m a happy guy now…

I traded him for andrew luck two weeks ago…thank god