¿Corey Davis?

How do you feel about Corey Davis? Currently thinking about trading for him in a half ppr redraft league. Should I trade Cooks away for him?

im not a huge fan of him. He was underwhelming his whole career up until last year, then he finally started to perform(in a contract year).

now hes with the jets, who suck and have a rookie qb.

however he is the presumed #1 target in NY, so im sure his numbers will be usable.

you could try to trade Cooks for him if you want. both are in similar situations being the main target on horrible teams that figure to be throwing a lot. they are pretty much the same player in terms of fantasy outlook IMO.

just comes down to your preference i guess.

Brandin? I dunno, Brandin is the #1 WR for a decent QB who will be playing from behind a lot. Davis appears to be the #1 WR for a rookie QB who will be playing from behind a lot.

It’s close, but gun to my head, Cooks has the better track record, and while Zach Wilson does indeed look like the best rookie QB of the year so far–he’s stll a rookie QB.

I keep Cooks.

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