Corey Grant Hype

OK so im a Fournette owner… I missed out on Yeldon (He was Drafted so i couldnt get him off waivers)

But im seeing this hype about Corey Grant is getting more work… Is it worth me grabbing Grant?.. I would need to drop someone like Lockett to do it…

I feel like Yeldon isnt as good as grant and he may be the Handcuff to own what do you think?

I think Yeldon is a good back, but it does sound like Grant may get the work. It’s tough as I like Lockett this year and think this week he will be a decent play for a Flex

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Im really deep at RB so its not a huge deal… I dropped my kicker and picked up grant until I can see more of whats gonna happen there this week… I’ll probably drop him before Sunday but i didnt wanna risk it… Im in a pretty competitive league lol

yeldon is most definitely the handcuff, grant i love but he’s a gadget type player that you just need to hope breaks a run, yeldon is the workhorse if fournette goes down, and the pass catching back if hes there

I wouldn’t. I have Fournette too and Marrone did caution in that quote that it wouldn’t be a ton more work, but they do want to use him more. I think it just means he wont get only 1 touch and 6 snaps. But I mean like 15 snaps would be more work while being useless for fantasy.