Cost of Hubbard

CMC owner here

How much would you give up to get Hubbard? Owner needs a WR, wants DJ Moore (I laughed) Was thinking of countering with Marvin Jones, do ppl think that’s reasonable? Too much? Too little?

My team:
WR: DJ Moore, thielen, AJ brown, Marvin Jones, golladay
RB: CMC, najee, McKissic, m. Carter, Latavius Murray

It’s a deep bench league I have more after the above. More importantly RB waiver wire is scarce so I really do need Hubbard as a handcuff.


I would offer a used Kleenex and a bent paper clip, and if he declines, then I’d manage for a week or two without the Panthers’ RB.

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My concern is his health the rest of the season. I know CMC’s coming back in a couple weeks but could easily go down again with a bad hamstring. I don’t want to get stuck if his value skyrockets. But I could definitely give it a couple weeks and see how Hubbard performs