Could be time sensitive

Rbs are stacked. To the point where Martin and Kamara are on my bench this week. Wr not as much. Playing Evans and Hogan for sure. the likely Diggs if he plays, but have Ginn as my back up. Doctson is a FA. i have Stills on my bench. should I replace Stills with Doc just before kickoff tonight? I get to stash Doc and Stills isnt available until waivers again. Is this a good gameplan? or should i be doing something different with mt recievers this week? also have Tate on my bench if that changes an opinion. standard scoring.

no opinions? i guess i am making a good choice haha.

Keep still see how he plays. If he sucks then pick up doctoson that way you don’t drop stills if he balls out

Depends on waiver type and your priority. Would you be able to pick up Still if you dropped him?

i will have second last waiver priority. (resets to inverse of standings) i am basically playing the same game with either of them. this method just prevents my opponent this week.(in first) from using either this week. as it sits right now he has sanders starting with no bench WR eligible to play.

Ohhhhh I like it. Make him sweat it out. I like Doctson over Stills with Parker back in play, but I’m also a Doctson truther.

Keeping in mind that i am not starting either of them this week (unless i start tinkering too much haha.)