Could Clyde Edwards-Helaire be in contention for the 1.01 pick in rookie drafts?

Been watching CEH’s film and he seems to be an underrated prospect. He had an insane 55(!) catches last season. That’s 2 less than Swift and Dobbins combined. That seems really valuable especially in PPR.

He also is a pretty good runner once he gets going. He can hit pretty hard. Just seems to have a hard time running between the tackles at first, but once he gets going, it’s hard to take him down.

Loved his film vs Alabama. That’s as close to an NFL defense as you can get in college.

I have the 1.01 and am seriously considering him there. I have the 1.10 too, but idk if he’d drop that far.

My league doesn’t allow pick trading.

IMHO I would not pull the trigger at the 1.01. Of course post draft could look different. But for me he is not above Taylor / Akers / Swift / Dobbins. But he should be top 10-12 of your rookie draft. Again, unless he goes to a garbage spot. I think you have a good chance ATM of landing him at your 1.10.

Could you game the system and pick jonathan taylor at 1 and then trade him after the draft for CEH and another piece? Because you’re definitely in the minority with this opinion but you could really make that work in your favor if he’s your top prospect. You gotta maximize that 1.01, so that’s a risk I’d take.

Side question: If there’s no draft pick trading in your league, how do you have 2 first round picks? Is there a loophole to the rule that you could somehow exploit?

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I very well could do that.

I misspoke about the pick trading. We can’t trade during the offseason. We can trade picks in the regular season, but not offseason. So the picks I have now are the picks I will have on draft day.

I don’t own another pick until 4.10 which is sad lol

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