Could this be collusion?

We are all friends in my league but a few people quit before starting this year so we got 3 of the guys’ girlfriends/wife to be in the league, for the record they do know about football and are actually pretty good… I happen to be playing my friends wife this week who has the best team in the league (7-1) her only TE is Kyle Rudolph who is on bye this week. So today her husband traded her Jack Doyle for Rudolph… I’m probably just paranoid because she has the best team and I need to beat her? But would you think this is some type of collusion to make sure his wife wins?

I’m curious if they trade back after this week. Sounds a little fishy to me on the surface.

Sounds dodgy to me.

eh they cover this topic a lot. If the trade makes sense for both teams it’s legit. IMO with TE’s being trash to be collusion would be like rudolph for gronk.