Could use some advice here guys

Sup FootClan. So if you don’t mind I could use some advice on my next moves. Okay, so I have a first round BYE which is nice considering. My roster right now is as follows:

QB: Rivers, Keenum
RB: Connor, Gordon (yikes), Ware, Howard
WR: Allen, Diggs, Sutton, Ty Williams, Tre Smith
TE: Hooper, Kittle
DST: Broncos, Rams

So with that being said people I’m looking at the waiver (best choices) unfortunately I messed up and didn’t grab eckler or Jaylen beforehand.

RB: Justin Jackson, Gio Bernard, Blount.
WR: Mike Williams

So out of this list looking forward with week 15 and 16. What would you guys do?

I’d grab Jackson. I think he’s going to be a big beneficiary of Gordon being out. We’ll find out how good he is this weekend I believe. Hopefully he keeps the pace he was last weekend and then you can just plug gordon in once he’s back.

In that case who would you be willing to drop?

How many people are in your league?

12 man league, 6 spots in playoffs. I have a first round BYE

First thoughts: is there a better week 16 playoff QB? Keenum isn’t good to say the least and sanders went down making him even less appealing. Second I’d probably drop smith or Williams for Jackson. They’re pretty similar in the fact that they can go off and bust with a 0. I’d probably make my decision on their remaining schedule and drop the one with the worse schedule.

Agree with previous post. Drop Keenum for Justin Jackson and play him this week.

I have first round BYE so i don’t have to play this week. Gotta plan forward for week 15/16. I feel like I will drop keenum and stick to rivers all season like I have been

With the 1st round BYE I would drop both Keenum and Tre Smith and pickup Jackson and Bernard. Jackson is insurance in case Gordon/Conner dont play WK 15 and Bernard has already shown his value if Joe Mixon goes down this week. He is one of my favorite handcuffs.