Could use some post draft advice

So this was my 12 team full point ppr draft. I went second and even with all my mocks it went nothing like I planned obviously. I never thought I’d see Kelce with my second round pick usually I was going rb and wr at the 2nd and third round turns. After taking Kelce I then took Thielen (which I now regret) and all hell broke loose after that. Every running back possible was taken. I thought sony or carson or even jacobs would be there at my next turn.

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I love sanders but I dont feel confident in having him as my starter to start the year. Praying zeke holds out now since I reached for Pollard. Any advice?

I’m almost in the same boat (i traded away sony) and hoping pollard plays; if not then I have to play samuel in the flex. This is basically your exact scenario too (if you put cohen in instead of sanders and samuel in the flex). It shouldn’t be a bad play, even for a week or two until things shape up. By then you’ll probably get some reinforcement via waivers. Side note; thielen is pretty sweet on a good offense, no stress :slight_smile:

Appreciate it bro maybe I am overthinking it. I’m just worried about Sanders not getting enough burn yet and Cohen losing too many touches to Montgomery and not having a legitimate #2 rb

The thing is, we don’t know for sure until the season plays out. Cohen is good, and he’ll be involved one way or another especially receiving. I’m crossing my fingers for you since I’m in the same boat. We’ll see what happens with pollard, I’m hearing even if zeke signs he may not play week 1. Who knows…

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Lucky you getting that juicy Cam/CMC stack. I wanted it in mine, but Cam went 7.07 in mine. You’re set at wr, but agree RB could be a bit better. You should definetely try to sell high when Trequon or Allison have big weeks, as they will both be the #3 pass catcher on their teams. or if someone was choked when you nabbed them ahead of them try to talk to them.

What rbs would you consider targeting with those players as bait though? I do hope they can get off to hot starts and boost their value.

Dont be too upset about going theilen hes a solid WR and will probably be top 10 this year, that being said just because RBs are flying off the board doesnt mean you cant capitalize on that which it looks like you did because you have a stacked WRs. good luck

I like Justice Hill, you could probably get a deal done for allison.
If he’s on the wire, you could even consider dropping pollard when zeke signs

my friend who picked 1st grabbed him right before me in round 13 I was pissed. But alright ill look put for that and see how things go in week 1 and 2