Could use some RB Advice this weekend

  1. Kamara
  2. Clemente
  3. Chubb
  4. Yeldon
  5. James White
  6. Chris Thompson
  7. **Fournette **
  8. Hyde

Kamara for sure. James White likely ok but sorting through the rest of them, not much confidence. Thompson could have a nice game but NO put the hurt on him. I don’t think he even practiced this week. Yeldon, could be another dud game against that D. Clemente and Chub seem better plays but small sample of evidence.

As you can see, Fournette really screwed me up but I re-grouped and could make a playoff run without him but getting the right combo this week is tough.

With Hyde out of the way Chubb should be a really good play. White has a tougher matchup, but he always has a pretty high floor regardless. I’d personally lean towards those two if you’re looking for 2 others besides Kamara to start this week.

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Kamara, Chubb, White. That is what I am rolling with now. 4th one is a WR/RB option. I could roll with Ridley because Sanu is messed up. So is Ridley but looks like he will be fine.

So Clemente or Ridley on that one. Probably a toss up.