Could win me a championship please help

Ok I’m in a 16 man standard league I’m currently 5th with a pretty solid team. I wanna make a few trades to get me in the championship my team is Qb mariota,brissett Rb gurley, Morris, Drake, Allen, Henry, rod smith, wr juilo, funchess, dez, doctson, te graham def rams, steelers. The guy who just had zeke traded him and Brady to the last place team he is in 10th for hunt, ginn, walker, Stanton his qb are Stanton and bethard should I try and steal hunt for maybe Morris, Allen brissett. Or should I offer drake and Morris

Worth trying. I’d likely try Morris and Drake since you’re getting Hunt.

What do you think about offering drake, Allen funchess for hill this guys rb are white, yeldon, Stewart