Counter offer?

Being offered Green for LevBell.

My team:
QB Newton
RB: Bell, Gurley, Lynch, West, Ellington
WR: Cooks, Fitz, Benjamin, Britt, Wallace, Beasley
TE: Reed

There Team:
QB: Mariota
RB: Montgomery, White, McCaffrey, Crowell, Rawls, Kamara
WR: Green, Evans, Adams, Parker, Kupp
TE: Graham

1/2pnt PPR with 10 teams.

Considering some sort of counter offer to trade Gurley for Evans? Or just nixing the offer all together. Thoughts??

get evans, don’t give up bell.

Yea, I’m not giving up Bell. But who to to Evans? Try Evans for Gurley straight up? Would you package Gurley and ??? Who to get Evans?