Counter this trade!

Dynasty, 12 team, startup.

Just received an inquiry for my 4.01.

I get a 6.04, 8.04,12.04 & 2019 1st

I give my 4.01, 6.01.

Currently all I have is a 1.01, 2.12, & 4.01 through the first 4 rounds.

Should I counter? If so, what?

Assuming this is in conjunction with your other trade you are asking about. This would give you 3 round 1 draft picks next year (the 3rd being yours obviously). Those could be golden tickets if you are willing to essentially tank this year considering you would only have picks in round 1, 2, and 5 and not have much beyond that.

I always play the “win now” mentality regardless of the setup, but it sounds like you could put yourself in position to build for a great future with those picks, or hold all the leverage going into the rookie draft.

You can always trade number 1 picks for a plethora of vets who only have “1-2 years left” and go for it all when you feel you can make it happen. Think Brady, Fitz, Green, Freeman, McCoy, Olsen in some 2 for 1 deals could easily happen for you. Just as an example. And that would be pairing them with whoever you get in round 1 and 2 this year