Counter trade options or accept original?

I keep going back and forth with someone on a trade and we finally reached the point where the offers getting hard to immediately hit reject. League info, Half PPR, 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex Re Draft.

He offered me:
Keenan Allen and Kenyan Drake
Julio Jones and Carlos Hyde.

My Roster:
Hunt/ J Ajayi/ Jamaal Will/ Alf/ J conner
Julio/ Doug Baldwin/ Robby And./ Keelan Cole/ Kenny Stills

His Roster:
D. Watson
Bilall/K. Drake /Crowell/ Kerryon
D. Hop/ Keenan/ TY Hilton/ Agholor/ Crabtree/ D. Parker

I really wanted to draft keenan, but he got him and I drafted julio the pick after. I am not too high on Kenyan so I would rather target Kerryon. Any tips?


I would definitely take that trade. I’m higher on Julio, but I think there’s a pretty nice gap between Drakes upside than Carlos Hyde’s.

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Yeah I am torn its a tough trade to accept or reject. I’m thinking about countering and trying to keep Julio since he still will have Hopkins.

I would take this trade. I think it’s a good one. JJ is my WR4 and Allen is my WR6 but the gap between Drake and Hyde is extremely wide. I believe in the talent of Drake and I think he can be a mid-late season winner. You’re not going to want to be starting Ajayi late into the season and the Jamaal Williams situation will be murky at best once Jones returns.

Rolling at Allen and Baldwin as your 2 WRs is a solid solid take.

Frankly, I’m shocked he’s willing to trade Drake. Sure he’ll have JJ and Hopkins but his RB core is going to be straight trash.

Disclaimer: I am higher on JJ than almost everyone I’ve seen on these forums and I still advocate for this trade. I am also high on Drake though.

Yeah. Allen/Drake wins this trade.

Allen isn’t as sexy of a name as Julio but he does work and Drake has the huge upside.

Thanks for the advice guys. Personally I’m just not too high on Drake but I think Keenan Might finish a spot ahead of JJ. I’m trying to rework the trade and incorporate Jamaal(I don’t trust the GB backfield) instead of Hyde because for some reason I think he is steal this year. And if I’m wrong about Drake hopefully I’ll have him instead of Williams.

I would 100% rather have Williams than Hyde. But your team, do what makes you comfortable.