Countering Opponents Players - good/bad idea?

I’m streaming QB this week, playing one of the highest scoring teams in the league. We are both 2-1, no players played yet - thankfully i benched Cook! Standard scoring but 4pt passing TDs.

He has OBJ and Barkley, do stream Eli to try and ‘counter’ their points scored or do i roll with Keenum for max upside but higher risk, Flacco and hope the Ravens and Steelers go off or Mayfield and hope the hype is more than just hype?

Keenum is miles ahead of Eli I think

Really even after the last 2 weeks? Plus he seems to be more turnover prone this season early on?

Admittedly i feel pretty ill putting any of them into my starting spot for a week…

Oh I agree, they aren’t great options, but Keenum did play Balt last week, who has a great D. The Oak game is weird but the only way Denver is keeping up with KC right now will be to throw the ball. KC is scoring on everyone with ease right now.

Fair points, i’ll have to give it some more thought i think…