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Couple Mock Draft Critiques For Ya


10 Team 1/2 Point PPR league drafting from the 6th slot.
Looking to see if I’m on the right track or not, what to avoid etc. Curious on everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!


I would try to draft one qb only and make it a late pick, like round 12 or later and see how you like those results. Unless you have to carry 2 in your league.

Other than that, just change it up. Try going rb than wr, or RB-RB. Also go with only wr and rb in the first 7 rounds.


I like the second team listed better than the first, I don’t really care for Matt Forte ot Terrance West. I would try to hit a home run with one of the rookie RB’s. Pretty good draft otherwise.


I took your advice and waited on a QB and TE this time around. Yahoo graded the team a C but I think it’s a pretty darn good team haha. Thoughts?


I like that! I would be doing the happy dance if that were my team. Odell and Jordy are absolute studs with Fitz, Diggs, and Maclin to choose from for wr3. The biggest question mark on that team is Lynch especially considering he was your first rb drafted. But he has that tremendous upside and it was worth the risk with all of the rb depth you built by taking a late qb and te.


And don’t pay attention to draft rankings. The only way to get an A is to draft the highest player that Yahoo has ranked available. I can’t remember what episode but the guys were saying they usually get graded out around a C.