Couple of dilemma's here....0-3!

DeMarco or Duke this week? AND Pryor or Garcon? Also Palmer or Wentz? I’ve got Cousins and am gonna hold onto him. Have had him past couple of years and he’s never let me down. Just trying to decide whether to grab Palmer off WW for Wentz. I think Palmer is better for this week, but just wondering for ROS. What do y’all think???

Thanks y’all. As I mentioned…flipping 0-3. Desperately need to make a showing this week!!!

Bumping this just because…going 0-3…I’ve got first WW pick. Already put in claim for Palmer by dropping Wentz. Just DESPERATELY needed some feedback on it!!! The rest I’ve already got on my roster. (Murray, Duke, Pryor and Garcon). Sorry to be so insistent y’all.

I’d go with DeMarco if Standard, Duke if PPR. Garcon over Pryor, and I’d keep Wentz. He’s been better thus far, and Arizona is still trying to figure out their offense. Plus I think Wentz has better matchups throughout the season. Once David Johnson comes back, Palmer may be the better bet, but who knows when that will be, if it even happens this season?

TY hurricanetht for responding. And yes PPR…dummy me…I should know to post that by now!!! SMH…Anyway…Really go with Duke??? He’s up against Cincy this week. DeMarco is going up against Hou. I just can’t decide because they both put up 22 pts. this past week. Just leary of Murray I reckon after last couple of weeks. I already started Garcon. Already claimed Palmer…but still time to cancel!!!

At the end of the day, I don’t think there will be much difference between Palmer and Wentz, so it could go either way there…I still don’t fully trust DeMarco, even after last week…most of his points came off of that one TD run. In the meantime, Duke has seem 5-7 targets in every game, and could see even more with Coleman out. If you’re an underdog, DeMarco might be better because of the upside, but if it’s fairly even or you’re favored, I think Duke is safer.

Yeah…I’m of the same thought about DeMarco. Just ain’t putting up this year as expected. LOL…starting to have same thoughts as I usually do at some point every year with FFB…just earlier than usual this year: “I HATE FFB…ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE IT!!!”

The players you’ve mentioned are solid, just give it some time and make smart moves and you could turn out to be alright. 0-3 ain’t nothing yet. I was 3-7 last season before winning 6 in a row, including the championship, mostly thanks to grabbing Charles Clay & Pryor from waivers. It could still work out for ya!

I would go with DeMarco over duke (just gut feeling because both matchup sucks).
Garcon over Pryor, if you need an average production Pryor if you are looking for a Boom/Bust.
I do not see that much of an payoff with Palmer over Wentz. Wentz might have a descent average game because matchup with Chargers can be a close game, whereas Palmer is a boom/bust because he might need to do much or score TDs.

Not an expert, but there’s my opinion.

I would definitely keep Wentz over Palmer… I’m going off of production and the most important factor Oline… philly has a much superior line than Arizona’s. Carson is always running for his life … start Duke for PPR and start the most “surest” hands in the NFL (Garcon). Pryor doesn’t seem the same this year…

So sorry for the delay in responding y’all. Well…unfortunately didn’t see the majority of the replies here until now, annnndddd…well…just took a shot and left the waiver claim in.
Sooo…LOL…now the “proud”(?) owner of Mr. Palmer as Cousin’s back-up. Oh well…we’ll see what happens. Otherwise…got Garcon starting and pretty much thinking y’all are right about the Duke!!!

Thanks so much for your help, and…again…sorry for taking so long to get back to ya.