Couples League looking for players

My partner’s league dissolved and with draft season quickly approaching they’re pretty bummed out. So I figured I’d surprise them with a league and what better place to recruit folks than here!

Most unique thing about the league is I’m looking for other couples/partners to go along with divisions. That way your partner is in your division so you play them twice for added tension/excitement. All experience levels welcome so long as your active(waivers, trades, and communication)

The details:

Platform: Sleeper
Communication: Discord
Draft Day: likely 8/27 in the evening. ~8pm est. 8/28&8/29 as back ups.
Buy in: Yes, probably something cheap like ~20$ just to have something
Teams: 12 teams, 3 division
Scoring: Half PPR, Super flex, Half Point per first down(rushing/receiving), No Kicker
Waivers: FAAB, Runs everyday.
Roster: QB, SF, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, DEF, 6 Bench
6 teams make playoffs. Top 2 get a bye. Week 17(!!!) Championships

Only one person per couple needs to respond.

Let’s have fun!