Couples league (unique rules) full

This requires your spouse to play
Free and casual
10 teams broken up into 5 divisions, you and your spouse will occupy your own division. The two of you will not play against each other during the regular season. Your wins will be combined and the best 3 division go to playoffs.
1st round-division point total determine the 2 divisions that advance out of the 3
2nd round- You face your spouse to determine who will represent your division in the championship
Championship round- same as normal.

Sorry if my breakdown doesn’t make sense, pretty much if you think your spouse would have fun playing fantasy football but want a fun and causes teamwork style league, than this is what I am proposing.

If you are interested DM me on sleeper @Gray783.

Is there a buy in?

There is no buy in

My husband and I would play if there was money in it!