Courtland, Curtis, Lockett, Humphries, or Godwin?

Which 2 of these guys do you think would be the best starts this week?

Sorry buddy, I know this probably ain’t gonna be much help…but…I’m gonna say go with Courtland and either Humphries or Godwin.

Between Humphries or Godwin…I think it’s gonna be a toss-up. They’re forecasting possible probs with wind, which could mean that Winston might have to rely on the running game. Which might not bode well, since NO’s is pretty tough in that respect.

Again…apologize, since I know that’s prob not helping you much, but…just wanted to at least offer you a response (for as much as mine is worth LOL) since it’s getting down to the wire here.

AND…for what it’s worth I have Lockett…which has gotten me tons of points. BUT…vs MIN…I’m not playing him. I have Dav Adams and Evans, and I’m even worried about Evans with the weather probs expected in TB. I’ve also got Lockett, J Reynolds and Sutton, but how do you NOT start Evans??? LOL

Here’s my roster:

QB: Wilson/Truby
RB: Gurley, A Rogers, Chubb, Gus, Kelly
WR: Dav Adams, Evans, Lockett, J Reynolds, Sutton
TE: Brate
K: Fairbairn

Actually helps a lot, as they say every bit counts, it’s definitely “a game of inches” didn’t know about the upcoming wind issue, so this will definitely be a factor in my decision. Yeah Wilson worries me too against Minn for sure. With Sutton, I dunno, the coach talked about getting some of these other rookies more involved too, although SF allows lots of TDs to receivers, Denver may not need to throw much in this one with their newly found run game. I do like that Keenum looks for Sutton a good bit especially on goal line. But now that he is taking on the #1 role he may have more difficult coverage.

Man your team is stacked across the board. Thanks for the help. They were saying Tribisky may or may not be back this week I thought. Something to maybe watch out for.

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Courtland for me but I don’t feel great about it, only slightly better than my other options C. Ridley and Tate. Courtland should have an ok floor. I don’t like Ridley on the road in freezing temps. Tate no way against that Dallas secondary. Courtland should be ok though and may get a TD.

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Thanks a mil for the vote of confidence!!! LOL…hope you’re right. As for Truby….yeah…struggling over that one. They’re saying he’s playing and major good to go. BUT…can’t help but think that CHI is gonna wanna save their “new-found-goldpiece” since they’re actually getting a sniff at the P/O’s for the first time in like forever and backup Daniels seems to have been sufficient (at least so far).

Anyway…thanks again and best of luck my friend and glad I was able to offer a little feedback that you felt helped!!! LOL…please just don’t hate me if it doesn’t end up that way!!! :worried:

Thanks and all the best to you as well. No hate over here, eh even the guys getting paid for these projections can be wrong a lot of times. Pretty much all of them said not to play Derrick Henry this week and look how that turned out. Hope you win.

Godwin would be a good play, not worried about the wind because he plays out of the slot and catches a lot of shorter passes. I’m starting Sutton with confidence in 2 playoff games. He’s just too big and strong to not get targets especially in the red zone plus there is no one else that Keenum has a rapport with. I expect him to get peppered with targets, San Fran’s defense just gave up 4tds to Seattle’s wrs and that’s a heavy run team. Good luck bro