Courtland Sutton or Adam Humphries for FLX

Also, I lost James Connor for the week. I currently have Gurley and Carson. I don’t believe Carson is a great start this week facing MIN D so I picked up Richard from OAK (Full PPR). What do y’all think?

Sutton for Ceiling boom, Humphries for safety floor.
Richard won’t do much against the Steelers imo, I’d rather Carson if he’s fit, but coud be a game time decision with Pete Carroll RB Roulette!

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I agree on Humphries having a better floor. However, you have to consider that Sanders being put on IR will mean Sutton probably gets more targets even though he’s the big play guy.

Yeah but that means this week Sutton is Denvers only weapon. Richard Sherman could follow him all over the field and negate him completely?
Kinda how Boyd for Cincy was way better when AJ Green was taking all the heat from the beat opposing corner back?

This is a tough one for me as well with Sutton. He’s in a run attack offense playing a non run stopping defense. They won’t need to throw much. Good he is now the WR1 but likely does not mean anything for this game or even the ROS.

Is Sutton better than say Ridley this week? Hard to say.

Good points guys. Anyone think Lindsay gets more targets ROS?

I would go with Humphries no doubt. Sutton may have a good game, but there is a lot of certainty now with Sanders tearing his achilles at practice. Humphries has been hot and I’d ride the wave with him. I think Carson is a fine start. Seattle is going to run the ball no matter how good the rush defense is.

Another train of thought, if Denver is really making a playoff run Sutton will have to get involved. These weak run D’s are going to dry up. Best to start getting him more work if they can right now. I think 5-8 targets is going to happen and some endzone work.

I’ve held Sutton in a dynasty league since the draft. Can’t help but be excited that he is the WR1 for Denver, but I agree that the coverage is terrifying, especially in the Phillip Lindsay show.

Can’t decide if I like him more than say Tyler Boyd (same situation, worse matchup) or Larry Fitzgerald (decent matchup, bad QB and offense). Thoughts?

I can’t help but to like Sutton more in this situation. Fitz is going to get more targets with Kirk being out for the year, but that doesn’t mean much with how their offense has been all year. Tyler Boyd is a question mark just like Sutton right now because he’s the number one WR, but the question mark is Jeff Driskel and how their offense is going to go with Dalton and Green out for the rest of the year.

Boyd though has proven he can still kinda manage as the WR1. It’s not great when facing tough coverage but he can do ok.

Sutton, I don’t think he is there yet. Big body but really not much speed or strength and no good route moves. He’s ok but will struggle against a strong DB.