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Courtland Sutton or Geronimo Allison


Geronimo Allison is sitting on the waivers in my 12 Team .5 PPR league.
I am trying to decide if I should drop Sutton and pick up Geronimo.


do you have any broncos players? if not keep sutton, Allison has looked bad in preseason and even last year. If jake kumerow didnt get hurt he was going to be the next jordy this year.


I do not have any other Broncos players.


I would keep sutton. thats just my opinion


I would def keep Sutton personally. He is going to get run for sure it looks like and he looks great this pre season


Yeah I am getting caught up in all the Geronimo hype today. I do feel like Sutton could emerge as a top option for Denver this year possibly even ahead of Thomas if he takes a step back, whereas Geronimo will always be behind Adams IMO. The appeal of Rodgers WR2 is just so tantalizing.


It is, but will he be the number 2 target? I lean that Cobb is the number 2 target personally.


The reason that I say WR2 is because Cobb is already complaining about his ankle and it is very likely that he does not play the whole season.


keep sutton, put a watch on jake kumerow. trust me. the guy had 6/190/2 in 2 preseason games, was a lock for the roster before he hurt his shoulder. rodgers wants the guy. he might not be a lock for the 53 but i think he might make it


I actually thought that Kumerow’s injury was worse than it appears to be based on the reports coming out. I agree that if Kumerow is on the team that he is the better option.


havent seen any reports saying its anything but a sprained shoulder basically. latest report and ESPN has him making the 53 man roster. Rodgers LOVED this guy in camp.


Id say Sutton. He’s dominating while Geronimo is not seen anywhere other than in Rodgers press comments. Its hard to ignore a guy that Rodgers wants to involve but I think the broncos know that Demarius Thomas wont be there next year and will allow Keenum and Sutton to build that relationship.


I appreciate all of the suggestions. Kinda weird that everyone here says Sutton and when I asked this question on Reddit everyone was saying Geronimo. I trust you guys more though, haha.