Courtland Sutton & Sanders

So I was able to pickup Courtland Sutton in both the leagues I play in yesterday after waivers ended. I was surprised nobody picked him up. However, I also have Emmanuel Sanders in both of my leagues. Do I keep Sutton, use him for a trade or what? I did offer someone in one of my leagues Sutton for Aaron Jones. They have a ton of WRs on bye this week and their bench options are not good. We’ll see though.

Or perhaps try to trade him for Chris Carson?

I picked up Sutton too off of waivers but I am holding him until he proves it to me, if your in a dire must start then I would start him, but I am stashing him until he starts tearing it up

For now he is just sitting on my bench. I just picked him up because he was available for free and so no one else could get him. I don’t think I necessarily want both Denver WRs on my team and Sanders has been doing good. Still trying to decide what to do. I am looking at other teams who might need a WR to see if I can trade him. Right now I have Sanders, Jones, Boyd, Trequan Smith and Sutton for my WRs and Hunt, Kerryon, Chubb, Mack and Cook for my RBs.

Definitely shop him around, I agree that it’s best to diversify and I wouldn’t want too much invested in Case Keemun’s arm.
I still expect both to be good, but starting both hurts your ceiling.