Courtland Sutton Temp Check

I am still holding Sutton in my dynasty league. They have been slowly working him in. He had 2 catches for 43 yards and a big drop. Are we still confident that Sutton is going to have a breakout soon? Will it be Monday night vs the Chiefs?

I am not sure he will have breakout this year. To me a breakout a season long thing. You would draft Sutton mainly for his future value as a WR1/2 for Denver. WR generally really come into their own 2-3 years down the line. Don’t get me wrong. He may have a big game here or there but it won’t be the consistency that he will have in the future.

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yeah i suppose i need that splash of cold water to my face… maybe i should wake up and roster Allison

Allison is still available in your league??:eyes:

This is more of a dynasty question… if I needed the WR help now I Allison would have been on my roster, but he’s also still in concussion protocol as of today.

Oh I know it’s dynasty dude lol. With (usually) 20+ man rosters and (I’m assuming) 10 to 14 teams, waiver wires are generally VERY thin out there. To have someone who is producing solid WR3 numbers on a dynasty waiver wire is just wild.
Also, with talks of Cobb getting cut preseason (and disappointing so far), Allison doing well in this offense, and him having Rodgers’ trust I could see him working out a deal and being the Packers WR2 next year.

As for Sutton- I generally try to buy low on disappointing rookie WRs because rookie WRs almost never live up to their preseason hype lol. Taking on a rookie WR in dynasty is more of a long term investment that will pay off in 1 to 2 years. Don’t lose faith in him- just temper expectations for 2018.

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Well this post is as of last week Allison is gone, Iv’e dropped Sutton for Rojo when I expected Tampa to activate him… I am under the assumption that the blocking is the issue in Tampa when I went back and saw some game film… They have 6 in the box and 6 blockers and in a situation where your supposed to have a hat vs a hat the blocking let a free guy go almost every time… I am hoping that they figure out some blocking on the bye week and I am not giving up on Sutton but yeah like you said I’d rather have the value in the RB even if RoJo was written off as a bust before the season began.

Ahhh didn’t see the date. And not a bad pick up at all man. RBs are hard to come by and who knows he might end up doing something soon. You’ll know whether or not he was worth that roster spot in a few weeks. If he was: perfect. If he wasn’t: all good try to pick Sutton or another flyer up off the waiver wire.