Cousins Dak or Matt Ryan?

Who should I go with!?

I’ll go with Ryan here. When I face bad choices I go with best player on best team. I have Ryan on both

I’m going with Cousins. Matt Ryan sucks. Cousins only crime is being on bad teams. He has some continuity now. I would roll with him all season and plan on picking him up on the waiver.

Ryan has Julio and Ridley and still sucks. How does a QB suck with both of them. They are outstanding WR’s not to mention Sanu. He sucks. One of the worst QB’s in the NFL. Give any other QB that talent and they are gold. Pathetic.

LOL wow man you really hate Matty Ice, he’s so good bro especially in fantasy but this week is really tough

No. He sucks. He can’t throw short passes, one flaw I have noticed with him. If it’s not some deep ball forget it. Ryan is an awful QB. Julio and Ridley bail him out. He has no short game.

Dak… should have great game against a poor Giants D… and may be more passing if Zeke is on a snap count

For starters, this better be dynasty or superflex. otherwise I’m writting down your name and cutting you off for rostering 3 QBs!
jokes aside i play dak. uses his legs, and is playing a crap d.

Dak. His matchup is so far and away the softest

I only just noticed Dak was an option. I thought it was Cousins or Ryan. Dak for me.