Cousins, Gurley, and Crabtree for Matt Ryan and Brandin Cooks (Full PPR)

So I’m in a full point PPR league and was just offered Matt Ryan and Brandin Cooks for my Cousins, Gurley, and Crabtree. Cousins looks to have a brutal schedule this season, especially in playoffs. Meanwhile Ryan gets the Saints twice in playoffs which is extraordinarily attractive to me. Given that I’ve got Bell and Zeke to lean on, is it worth giving up Gurley to upgrade from Cousins and Crabtree to Ryan and Cooks?

This league gets bonuses for 100+ yard rushing/receiving games, and bonuses for 300 and 400 yard passing games. My roster is below.

QB: Cousins, Bradford
RB: Bell, Zeke, Gurley, T. West, DMC, Conner
WR: Fitz, Crabtree, Diggs, Crowder, Snead
TE: Clay
D/ST: Ravens, Cardinals
K: Lutz

Personally I dont think its worth the upgrade on playoff schedules… Bell can be injury prone and If one of your Starters gets hurt (Bell or Zeke) or Zeke has to serve his suspension later this season it leaves you in a pretty good hole

I would rather keep the depth and save Gurley he makes a pretty damn good depth guy… And no one is there to steal carries from him…

I am not a Cooks fan either… I dont feel like it would help you much

These are just my personal opinions though

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I’ve got Cousins myself, and yeah, really wondered about him this year because of their tough season. BUT…I don’t know…I’ve been one of the few in my league on his bandwagon the past two years and he’s not let me down. (LOL…ahem…YET). Anyway…just not ready to give up on him. He’s just too good, and with Pryor…IDK…as I said…just can’t bring myself to give up on him just yet. This is my 3rd year with him, so…LOL…could be that old “3 STRIKES AND YOU’RE OUT!!!” BUT…I just don’t think so. I think I’d hold onto him. JMO

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