Cousins or Bortles

Leaning Bortles based on both matchups. What would you guys do here? The advantage of Cousins means I can get an early start at the waivers and pickup Callaway or M Williams. However I need upside against this opponent so the play is important. Any input appreciated.

Cousins has to pass and has the better receiving talent. Bortles is an upside play that you hope will be doing what Cousins has been doing. I like both, but this is a bigger game for Minny/Philly and if Jags can run it will minimize Bortles some. Minny can’t run, so I lean to Cousins.

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I’d play Cousins as well. I just don’t see the Vikings being able to run the ball on Philly at all, but Philly has been vulnerable defensively through the air. Should be another high volume day for Cousins

Really appreciate the feedback.