Cousins or brissett

Who should I play as my qb this week, I have either cousins vs Seattle (my defence) or Brissett vs Houston

Id play Cousins with the idea that a STUD like him beats match up stuff…although it seems tight

Even against my own defence?

Earl Thomas is out, Kam Chancellor has an ankle issue, Bobby Wagner has a sore hammy.

I hope Captain Kirk sends tons of passes to Vernon Davis!

Start Cousins----

I am having the same question. WAS has lots of OL injuries, Reed is out, Crowder is out, and facing an embarrassed and mad SEA defense. And now it looks like snow and mixed precipitation in SEA Sunday, so another bad weather game.

Based on all that, you’d still start Cousins?

Let me just say I’m starting Brissett because he was the best option on waivers after Watson went down.

I would feel 90% better if I had Cousins as my QB this week. Tough matchup in Seattle but key guys on D are out or hurt. Weather shouldn’t be much of a problem just as long as the wind stays low. Cousins gets the ball to whoever is open so I’m thinking Thompson, Vernon Davis and Doctson will get work.

If Indy can get a lead then they won’t need to pass considering how awful I think Htown’s offense will be with the Nicholas Cage lookalike under center.

I would not start JB over Cousins-

I don’t think it’s an much as a slam dunk cousins. If Savage will throw up picks/fumbles in his half which it looks like he might. Brissett will get good field position and more likely to get a td or scramble in for a td himself.
Floor is lower though with a worse offence even with redskins missing pieces.

I hear ya and I still want Cousins over JB-Seattle is a little banged up on defense-Earl Thomas is out with injury-Looks like the weather is gonna be nasty though-

Damn Cousins stunk it up! I didn’t get to see the game, was it the weather, Sea D or did the offense struggle with a lack of healthy starters.

It was a pretty good game-I wouldn’t say he stunk it up considering what pieces he had available-The stats weren’t there but he won in Seattle and that isn’t easy to do-Washington better pay the man! But I’m a Cowboys fan so I say keep up the good work Snyder! Smh

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It was his O line. It’s awful…