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Cousins or Dak this week?


I’ve also got Pryor. OR… been trying to decide if I should drop Dak and grab Alex Smith who is still available. I just have a feeling Smith is gonna have another good week, but not sure if I’m just shooting myself in the foot down the road for getting rid of Dak. PPR


Dak is playing the broncos. So dont expect much.
Drop him for Smith
Get him on waivers if you really want him. Smith is definitely the better choice.


Yeah fahad. Dak may surprise me, but IDK…just don’t have the best feeling about him this year. TBH the only reason I drafted him to begin with is because the draft was starting to wind down and I still didn’t have a back-up QB and he was the best thing left at that point. LOL…I hate decisions like this.