Cousins or Darnold Week 9

I see Cousins on waivers. Currently I have Darnold and Ryan as my QB. Should I drop Darnold and pick up Cousins, or should I stick with Darnold and what looks to be a very nice matchup!

Cousins is the better QB. I usually try and play the better player vs the matchup most of the time. MIA looked good early on vs Pit and may get their first win this week.?

My fear is that Cook will be given the ball a lot and runs more than Cousins throws.

That’s the rub. You could also have the fear Darnold turns the ball over three times, and/or Darnold hands the ball to Bell all night.?

Yeah that’s true. I also have Bell so I think I’ll go get Cousins. Thanks!

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