Cousins or Siemian? x)

Cousins has been a let down as of the first two weeks. Just picked up Siemian from the waiver wire.

Do I play Cousins against Oakland or Siemian against Buffalo?

My first post! Just became a footclan member and so glad to be here. Thanks!

First of all, LOVE the username lmao. Now onto your question… I’m in the same boat and have been floating similar ideas. I, too, have started Cousins both Week 1 and 2 and have been less than thrilled. I want to like him this week against Oakland. I keep telling myself they should get down and be forced to pass, especially with Fat Rob being dinged up/potentially not playing. That’s the PRO side of the argument. The CON side is that the skins tend to suuuuuck in primetime. Not to mention, Oakland is traveling East and there’s always the narrative that west-coast teams traveling East have an extra strike against them (jet lag and all). If you buy into that, Oakland might not put up the points we expect and force Washington to pass. So that’s Cousins…

Then on the Siemian side of things, you have to ask yourself whether his performances at home can be repeated on the road while also traveling East in a game where their defense should totally shut down Buffalo and enable the Broncos to “ground and pound.” Siemian has scored a lot of his points via TDs, not passing yards thus far. Will he need to throw TDs against Buffalo? Or will it be a D/ST and CJA scoring game?

I know that doesn’t give you an answer, necessarily, but it’s more to ponder to make an informed decision… I hope lol

FWIW - I’d stick with Cousins in this scenario. But my opponent has both Sanders and Chris Thompson, so my QB choice either way could potentially help negate some of those points. What’s more intriguing in my case is that I have Jeffery and Ertz and Wentz is available on my wire.

I have the same issue and I’ve decided to ride with…Jay Cutler! Even before the video today I felt Cutler is the better play, for all the reasons the footballers said. I trust neither Semen man or Cousins. Just my 2cents!

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I think you roll with Cousins. Hopefully Oakland can put up some points to get Cousins to throw the ball a little more. With Fat Rob potentially out I think Thompson will get a little bit more work out of the back field which will turn into cheap yards for Cousins to pick up. I’m usually a “ride the hot hand” kind of guy which in this case would be Siemien, but I just think Denver will lock down Buffalo and if you don’t get a passing TD in the first two TD of the game you may be SOL.

I had the choice of going Siemien or Cutler this week and I’m rolling with Cutler for this reason.

Best of luck and welcome to the Footclan. You’re gonne love it here.


Really love the advice from both @jason_watson and @Forty9Giants. I agree with both and am also considering Cutler to stack with my D. Parker haha.

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Wow thanks for the input guys, I have had Cousins the past three seasons so I definitely hold a bias towards playing him. Was leaning towards Cousins and I am now a little bit more confident in playing him because of the potential game scripts that everyone has mentioned. Okay so while writing this, I am definitely going to go with my Ole Faithful in Cousins lol!

Thanks again everyone!