Cousins or Taylor rest of the season


The playoff primer tells me Taylor is someone to have weeks 14-16. I am 6-3 and will almost certainly make the playoffs already. Cousins has been my QB all season, but I have a chance to pick up Taylor today and I would only want to drop Cousins as a result. Is it worth it?


Who’s your starter? Both are good plays in the different matchups

Cousins has been my season starter. If I do this, I’ll be making Taylor my qb the rest of the season.

Personally rather have both and play the matchups, anyone you can get rid of on the bench?

Well I have Zeke…woof… but can’t seem to click that drop button yet. Any opinions on that?

I would still hold on him. Anyone else? I like cousins and Taylor but if you’re already set to get in pick up TyRod and run him

thanks! …

I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but ‘if’ his suspension sticks, Zeke’s only game will be against the seahawks week 16.
I’m kind of in the same boat. I also have Zeke & lost D. Watson. But I picked up Taylor last week & while it was only one week, & a lot of his pts came in garbage time, I was more than happy. I also have Philip Rivers in case I want to play the match ups.

You must have a pretty impressive team, if the only two players you could consider dropping are Cousins & Zeke

Good luck