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Cousins or Taylor ROS?


I need a QB for ROS and Cousins and Taylor are both available. Cousins just keeps performing against a tough schedule, but Taylor is back starting and has an easy schedule going forward. Who do you guys prefer?


Team has done everything they can to display a lack of faith, or atleast a dislike of him. At least cousins is backed by his team. So SoS (strength of schedule) or not you’re gonna constantly be wondering about tyrod RoS.


Cousins regardless of how Taylors situation plays out.


Cousins regardless. He is nearly matchupproof outside of the Seattle game.


Thank you guys! I appreciate it!


Cousins! He is on fire! Stay in the flames!


Cousins but keep both rostered.


I agree 100%!!! I have both and intend to ride the Capt’s SHIP without hesitation except for week 14. Tyrod has Indy that week and may opt to play him. Otherwise…barring injury…it’s Kirksville all the way. LOL…had him last 3 years…couldn’t believe nobody nabbed him up in the Draft this year. I was 6th…and he fell nice and sweet right into my lap!!!


Cousins Is putting up good numbers right now. I would keep playing him.


If Cousins is STILL available…(which I can’t believe…LOL)…I’d say grab him NOW!!!