Cousins or Tyrod this week?

Leaning Cousins but feeling a little uneasy with it. Any last minute thoughts???

Cousins without a single shadow of a doubt. No comparison.

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TY so much for your quick response. Yeah…kinda what I was thinking, since NE DST has been a lot better lately. Again…thanks a mil my friend!!!

Dadgummit!!! So far I’m worried that my uneasy feelings are slapping me in the face!!! LOL WTH is going on with this game???

I started cousins too, apparently the football gods wanted cousins to suffer today.

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LOL…yeah. What is it with me??? Can’t seem to listen to those “UNEASY FEELINGS???” LOL…Will I never learn??? And…@Caveman45…in case you read this…“please don’t feel bad about your advice”. I would have played Cousins anyway, because I was leaning towards him anyway. Just one of those “OMG…ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME???” games!!! Just been one of those CRAZY/NUTTY/UNBELIEVABLE FFB years!!! SMH

Don’t feel too bad, I dropped Alfred Morris thinking he wouldn’t explode like he did.

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Tyrod is still subject to have an even worse game LOL. This was a logical no brainer and stand by my advice. Cousins has been a top 5 if not top 3 QB this season. Tyrod does well to scratch the top 10. Cousins was the only start to make of those two. If I had them both on roster, it would be Cousins every week without question. Even against his toughest defensive opponents he has put up his best numbers (see Seattle, Philly and KC).

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Exactly, not to mention if cousins could have just put together one of the drives he had a turnover on, he could have easily gotten 20 points. Oh well, there’s always next week

Yeah. I reckon it was just “ONE OF THOSE GAMES!!!”. Except for Dak, Dez and Morris, looks like NOBODY did what they were expected to do in this game. At least not in my League anyway.

For me…there may not be a “next week”. Well…at least not for the Play Offs anyway. Our League has a Consolation Ladder for those that don’t make the Play Offs. A way of seeing who the BEST of the LOSERS is I reckon…LOL. And then we also have the WINNERS CONSOLATION LADDER for those who don’t make it past the first week or two. BUT…ya gotta get INTO the Play Offs for that one. LOL

Oh well…regardless of what happens, it’s still been a blast as always, and I’ll be itching for next year as I usually am. :grinning: