Cousins or Wilson?

Have Cousins on the bench currently but the rams not having talib or peters is making me think about this a little more.

man, i was already starting cousins as i my line of thought is essentially Rams have not faced a heavy passing team. look at carrs garbarge game with three ints i mosly blame him for while watchin tthe game and then sam bradford cant throw, just lost starting job and cant throw it past 20 yards. easy to shut down two teams who struggled mightily in passing game.

Rivers put up 17, but also only threw 30 passes, low for Rivers and for Cousins. yeah cousins had bad week against bills, but im not trying to get hung on it after the first two weeks performance.

meanwhile, Cards defense is about the only thing they have to cheer for right now. really limited Alex Smith and Goff and stopped Trubisky, who had looked half way decent. and after chris carsons 32 freaking carries, they may keep the shift on the running game.

long winded reply summed up, im riding cousins, imo

My only issue with not starting Cousins is that his line isnt getting better and they get to face donald/suh. Just worried about the rams getting consistent pressure on Cousins. Cousins will probably have a favorable game script as he most likely wont put their defense in such bad poistions like he did last week and itll be a close game throughout.

You end up playing cousins?

Had the same decision. Happy to have started Cousins.

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I benched wilson for cousins about 10 min before kickoff. Glad I did lol


perfect! LFG!