Cousins over Goff this week?

With Cousins playing against Seattle who allowed Nick Mullens to get 400yds and is 24th in the league for giving up points to opposing QBs


Goff who is going up against a stout Bears defense and not to mention he hasn’t played as well in recent weeks

Am I crazy for sitting Goff for Cousins?

I don’t love either option. Seattle is much better at home and Chicago is a stud defense. Both guys have a tough matchup; so, I would look to the waiver wire for Winston, Jackson, someone like that. If you’re stuck with Cousins or Goff, I go Goff because he is on the better offense. Plus, although Chicago’s defense is stout, they primarily stop the run; so, the way to beat them is through the air.
Check the wire, if its blank, go Goff

Jackson, Brady, Dak, Allen

Those are guys available. I’m kind of tempted to go for Josh Allen against NYJ