Cousins+Thielen+20pts vs Cook....who will go to the playoffs?

I have Cousins+Thielen and I am down 20points right now…

My opponent only has Cook left.

I need this week to get into the playoffs…I’m a Vikings fan too and they need to win to get a wildcard spot…my nerves are all over the place

SEA D is beatable through the air and Thielen probably has the best matchup so it’s definitely doable but Cousins need to stop being so trash.

Hes at 50% completion right now. Wtf. I need some cook points, but them going 3 and out ain’t helping right now.

I’m really worried…following the game and the Vikings offense just looks so shaky right now.

The SEA pressure is really getting there. They need to do something and fast or this game is gonna start to get out of hand if they can’t move the ball.

COusins also holding on to the ball for way too long. Both offenses right now look pathetic. Another friendly reminder that winter is here. Offenses slowing down and defenses are catching up and getting in sync with the rules. We see this cycle every couple seasons.

So what you’re saying is…

The NFL’s priority is high scoring games. They will change the rules to make shit easier for offenses. Offenses start scoring and making plays because of the sudden rule changes. That is until the defenses figure it out and start adjusting, then they start playing better. Which means we can expect even more rule changes favouring the offense in maybe a year or two when the scoring slows down again…

That’s what I got from your response XD

Yep. That is pretty much the cycle in the NFL. Rule changes are always made to benefit offenses. That’s why as time passes, you always see records fall and new ones be put up. Scoring increases, fantasy output increases. And the Defense always has an adjustment period as they learn how to play against the new rules. Offenses always lead with the advantage until defenses adjust.

Sigh…doesn’t look good. I need 23 points in 1 quarter.

There goes my fantasy season this year.

LOL…all I know at this point:…here I was cussing myself after last night thinking, “YOU IDIOT!!!” (for playing Truby over Wilson)!!! So far doesn’t look like it would have made any difference who I played. Just like my decision to play BUF instead of DEN. LOL…6 of one…1/2 dozen of the other!!!

JUST ONE OF “THOSE” WEEKS!!! :roll_eyes:

Seattle went for two which made me lose… what a joke haha

That’s my 2018 season done. Thanks for all the help @MikeMeUpp this season, your in-depth film study helped a lot.

Ugh Cousins is just not the QB we need, he’s so freaking inconsistent.

I literally lost cause of the unnecessary seattle two point conversion. Thank god this is my side piece league and it just knocked me down a seed.

sorry for the loss. i agree that cousins is not the answer. i was floored when they went all in on him. but maybe year two will turn around? and they are not ‘out’ as of yet. just a higher hill and lots of luck!

Np. You had a good run, unlucky down week for your players ended in the loss. I’ve been there, it happens to everyone.

With regards to Cousins, he’s definitely not elite but I do think he’s good enough to win with. Last night was a bad night for sure. End of the day though, the vikings biggest problem isn’t cousins. He’s had a pretty good season. On pace for his 5th consecutive 4k season. The biggest problem with Vikings is the same problem they’ve had for years. They don’t have an Oline. No Oline = no run game and no time in pocket to pass.

@thomas_man…DAMN!!! I sooo hate it for you. That’s a tough pill to swallow. BUT as @MikeMeUpp said: “You had a good run, unlucky down week for your players ended in the loss”. You gave it a good fight buddy!!!

Unfortunately there are just some weeks that even the most expert of expert analysts and VEGAS couldn’t possibly imagine happening. It’s just a real bite when one of those kind of weeks is a FINAL MAKE OR BREAK week!!!

It’s been a great year tho’ and look forward to chatting it up with you next year my friend!!!

Luckily I made it through this first round fairly easily. This next round is gonna be quite a bit tougher, and wouldn’t be the least surprised if I’m right there with ya at that point!!! :sweat:

Fellow Vikings fan here. Hope your mental health is doing okay! I was on an emotional roller coaster yesterday as well. My opponent needed Cousins to score 13.5 points. He got 12.8. Definitely a bittersweet victory… I would have MUCH rather lost in fantasy to have the Vikings win the game instead.

Your fantasy team might be done but the Vikes still have a shot at the playoffs! Maybe… ugh.

End of the day, Seattle knew how to beat the Vikings and that was through blitzing early and heavy. Cousins felt the pressure and often missed wide open receivers, and why he didn’t take off and run a fair few times I don’t know. Playcalling didn’t help him either as they should be just getting the ball into the hands of Diggs and Thielen and having them make plays, which started happening late in the game but was too late.

Dalvin Cook showed flashes of brilliance but like you said, no OLine as usual doesn’t make it easy for him.

Yet another rollercoaster season for Vikings fans!