Covid-19 Tilting

So far … knock knock knocking on wood I have avoided the injury bug
of course it will happen week 14-16…
but so far so good…

I usually stream QB/DST/K and TE unless I had Gronk or something.
This year I drafted Jonnu Smith in round 13 :slight_smile:

I only carry 1 TE and 1 QB and I usually wait for one of my Bench or Starters to get hurt and then add a TE or QB depending on bye

So… today I had to drop a healthy player to get a TE for this weekend.
M0-Cox or Old Jimmy in Chicago were my choices and I took the big man.

I dropped my handcuff Mattison (cry cry cry)
I just hope he is there next Wednesday on waivers so I can pick him up again.

I can darn close to just taking the 0 at TE
Playing my sister who has a Adams, Julio, Evans! But all are nicked up…

But I aint losing to my sister!!! LOL

Would you leave maybe your kicker DST or TE vacant so as not to drop the #1 RB Cuff?

sounds like you have short benches? I would take the chance to drop mattison. vikings are trash this year, I didn’t think mattison played well as back up last year? I thought he went down quick too.