COVID Gray Area

I’m allowing managers in my league to designate a backup in case the Bills-Titans game is postponned on Tuesday night.

A team in my league is starting Henry and Singletary in his two RB spots, and already played Rojo in his Flex spot on Thursday night. He is asking that I move Rojo to the RB spot to allow a WR backup in case Henry or Singletary don’t play. What are your thoughts?

I’m opposed to that kind of Retroactive lineup change, in general. That player can take advantage of a known shortfall/windfall of a position, and take a second chance at maximizing their flex. I think you’re already being super flexible with the league offering this type of option in the first place. This just seems like an abuse of it.
If you want to play peacekeeper and let this ONE slide by before specifically shutting this “gray area” down, you might see how this player’s opponent feels about allowing this one swap go. If they don’t really care, I’d let it slide. If that person pitches a bitch, you will have to hammer the gavel and set the precedent. Maybe send a league vote/poll out…


Yeah I wouldn’t allow it either. There was plenty of notice about Covid concerns before Thursday’s game. Plus playing a Thursday night game in the flex is a rookie mistake!

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A little late to the party but I say no go on this. The Titans/Bills COVID stuff was well known prior to TNF so he should have played it safe and put DH/DS in the flex if he wanted to allow for a WR incase of cancellation. That’s on him at this point.

Agree with everyone here, I would not allow it. We made sure we had lots of IR slots, that can be used for COVID, and free agency on game days so as to give GMs maximum flexibility to manage their teams, but all the backup player stuff already has a version of fantasy football, it’s called best ball. If they want that backup option they should play that version of fantasy football.