Cowboys looking to reunite with Demarco Muary

Keep an eye out on this. You may want to take a stab at buying low on Maury or Henry for that matter…

As a wavier wire guru I have my eyes set on Berita if Hyde is traded

Henry is also on the wavier wire in my league and I’ll snatch him up real quick if Murry leaves.

As a Zeke owner I’m looking for a RB. I did however just grab Darkwa but I think I can do better.

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I could not agree more with what you said. I put a trade in for BOTH for Julio straight up. I had zeke and if that happens that will get me two starters. worth the gamble.

Out of Darkwa, Breita or Henry who would you flex in full point PPR?

That is of course considering if Hyde and Murry go

I would go with Henry, breita then dark. Reason is Breita just got a new QB and will take time for that offense to move and Landry is talking aobut going to NY so they will be throw happy.

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Imagine Henry to dallas


He would be an easy RB1

Should I trade Morris and funchess for Landry and Blount I believe both will be traded to new teams and if Murray does come back I have Henry already

that is tough…jI would do the trade…might start a new thread and ask that for more input.

I did nobody ever replies haha but thanks my buddy said yea and you said yea

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