Cpt. Kirk or Blake "Garbageman" Bortles

Cpt Kirk goes against ARI at home or Bortles and his hotness against HOU at home. The thought of playing Bortles in the playoffs scares me, but Kirk hasn’t been great the last few weeks, though I give him a pass this past week against LAC.


I think they are about the same this week. I want to say Cousins is the solid FF QB1 with ARI on the road and both teams season over.

I do think Bortles puts up some decent numbers vs Houston, probably 2 TDS and 280 yards. for me this is a coin flip unless you have a good stat I have yet to come across.

I don’t, that’s kind of the way I feel. I have a feeling I will start the wrong one, but I feel like I should dance with who got me here

Cousins is just so hit or miss this season. Cousins has a higher ceiling, but Bortles will probably be the safer play.

I rode Bortles all the way to the finals 2 seasons ago because he is the epitome of garbageman. This is a tough choice. I think I would go Bortles though.

Damn you guys and making me not know. haha. Arizona did just shut down Mariotta which is a little scary

I am in the exact same situation. I need upside, so I am sticking with Cousins this week. Something tells me he is either going to win it or lose it for me…

Yea, the rest of my line up is Allen, Thomas, Bell, Freeman, Ertz, and Drake. Problem is I’m going against the combo of Brees, Thomas, and A Brown

I was in the same situation I have cousins and tried to pick Bortles to play him. Unfortunately I did not have waiver priority and missed Bortles. I am pretty sure I am going to play Foles or Garropolo. I need at least 15 pts and Cousins has killed my team the last few weeks and I can’t afford another dud.

Yea Cousins has not been good the last 2 weeks and honestly he wasn’t great against the Giants either even though in my league he got 18 that game.