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Crabtree for Baldwin?


Standard League and I am fine at RB but lacking at WR. Crabtree and Carr situation worries me so should I agree to this trade?



do it. Crabtree banged up and Carr out several weeks.


I think when Carr gets back you have a reliable starter with Crabtree. With Baldwin, that offensive line is so bad I dont think Russell makes it the whole season. All that being said, in the short term I would stick with Baldwin, he will probably bounce back this week. In the long run when Carr returns, you take Crabtree. So if you’re losing, dont take it. If you have a winning record, I would go for it.


Cheers peeps!

I am 3-1 at the moment and have solid points with Bell and Hunt at RB. Thinking I take the low floor high ceiling option with Baldwin and hope he plays well for a few weeks. Then trade him again when his stock is high!