Crabtree vs DEN, Richardson @ SF, McKissic (Smooches😘) @ SF, pick 2

Howdy Footclan!

Need some help with a start/sit decision. Looking to fill my second WR spot and my Flex spot.

League is a 12 team, half point PPR. I am already in a bit of a hole after the Thursday games and need to have a solid showing on Sunday to win. I can’t decide who I want to bench between the following players.

Crabtree vs Denver
McKissic at San Fransisco
Richardson at San Fransisco

I need to start 2/3 of those players. So basically, who to bench?

Note: Russell Wilson is my QB, wondering if it’s too many players from one team if I play McKissic and Richardson, even if against San Francisco’s “defense”. Playing Crabtree against Denver makes me nervous.