Crap! Hilton is active, now what? Stay with Pascal or Pivot?

Do I stick with Pascal now that Hilton is active or pivot to T. Smith?

Same here bro. Have no idea what to do. I’m leaning Hilton for the volume but I’m worried he may not be able to play the whole game. Pascal seems safer but Hilton has the upside. How many points you need?

Just 3 little points. Pivoting tho ty isnt an option for me so its Pascal or TreQuan Smith

Ya sorry, totally misread your post. I think Pascal is safe for 3 points.

Dont need big ceiling…the safest 3-5 points.

For what its worth, if i could pivot to hilton i probably would. I dont think they would risk putting him in if he wasnt ready.

Well they did that the last game he played. His first game back after missing three and I think he left in the 1st or 2nd qtr. But I’d stick with Pascal in your spot. Smith only has 11 receptions on the year.