Crappy league or is it really me?

I’ve been growing frustrated with my league this year. To start, everyone overvalues their own players to a crazy degree. It’s nearly impossible to get a trade, which makes things very boring. I’ve made many, many fair trade offers that were all rejected. This wouldn’t bother me as much if the last trade I offered was met with a very angry, “are you kidding??”(I offered Marshawn straight up for CJ). And just today other member of the league began to complain because no players go on waivers until the SUNDAY games start, meaning that I was able to pick up Aaron Jones last night during the game. They are all complaining and requesting that the commish changes the waiver setting now. I should mention that on opening night when Amendola was going nuts someone picked him up and no one mentioned anything or batted an eye. I might be being too sensitive here? Or is my league seeming too bitter?

That waiver rule is a bit weird and I see their complaints.

I see the frustration about lack of trading. Perhaps you need a second league. The waiver rule is wack though I don’t know why there’s even and option to have it that way.

I absolutely see their complaints. Jut thought it was strange that people were fine with it until I picked someone up. Oh well tho gonna just man up and try to win it this year.

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Yea that waiver rule is a weird rule. It is annoying to be in league that don’t trade. However, that Marshawn for CJ trade you offered was laughable. I probably would have reacted similarly