Crashed and burned - 12 team picked 10th .5PPR

Looking for advice on how to salvage a horrible draft. Everyone who I was targeting was picked right before my picked. Feel like is it going to be a long season.

QB - Josh Allen
WR - D. Hopkins, JuJu, Marvin Jones, L. Fitz, DeSean Jackson, C. Sutton
RB - Mack, David Montgomery, Tevin Colmen, Miles Sanders, Tony Pollard, Ty Montgomery
TE - Ebron

Mack being RB 1 is tough. Idk how but him and Ebron look to be not very good now so if he has a big week 1 I would personally trade him ASAP

Dangle Pollard in front of the Zeke owner. Before he comes back. You have to keep Hopkins juju D. Montgomery and Sanders. But try and package Pollard and anyone else for an upgrade to WR or RB. Also what QBs and TEs are on your waiver wire?

QB is pretty limited, for some reason almost all teams drafted 2 QB. The ones who are left are

Darnold, Cousins, Eli, Staffford

For TE
Graham, Herndon, Brate, Uzomah, Olsen.

I think Allen is solid personally, but TE is Andrews or Waller available? I like both of them

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Yeah not bites with the Pollard trade. Guess I just have play the waivers and hope my rookies RB pan out.

Thanks fox for the Waller suggestions will keep an eye on him, Andrews is off the board

He has been a buzz at Raiders camp so who knows, but they have been talking him up for several weeks now so it’s possible

your WR position is pretty strong. I’d try a trade for a more stable RB1

I would also agree with trying to package a couple guys to try and get some RB depth. One example might be Jones and Coleman for a Fournette or Henry or someone in the “injury risk” category that you could yuse as leverage in your offer. Perhaps Jackson for Shady McCoy or something like that might be another option. you have depth at WR, and could get a starting RB that is a likely flex starter for you for someone that is a bye week filler.

I would be just fine with pairing Cousins with Allen and going with the best match up week to week.

Hope this helps.

Allen is not a abad option at all. If your interested in streaming a QB I know Stafford plays the Cardinals week 1. Not a bad option.

Pick up Darnold.