Crazu Keeper Question?

I’m in a 10man ppr league and we keep 5 with no penalties. We Also do 10 yards per point for QBs. I have a lot of options but I’m pretty sure about the 1st 4 Julio Jones, Gronk, A Cooper and D Breez. My options for the 5th keeper are Alshon Jeffieries, L Murray, Smash Jackson, Theo Riddick, B Powell, W Snead or Dion Lewis? Who should I keep or do they all suck and I need to make a trade? No one in my league will trade for anyone on my team except for those 1st 4 guys I mentioned. Thanks for any help or suggestions #footclanrules

I would keep either reddick or smash just so you aren’t left without at least one RB. That being said, if in your draft you have the chance at getting some decent RBs early, then Jeffery would give you a good WR advantage. I hope this helps!