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Crazy Dynasty Trade?


I love my team as constructed (below)…however I’m considering the following proposals. What do you all think?

Current Team:

QB: Luck, Rivers
RB: David Johnson, Fournette, Ameer Abdullah, Kenneth Dixon, Latavius Murray, Gio B., Conner, McNichols, Aaron Jones
WR: OBJ, Landry, Corey Coleman, Snead, Tyrell Williams, Kevin White, John Brown
TE: Ebron, Evan Engram

Potential Trade(s)
Give: OBJ, Ebron
Get: Cooper, Gronk

Give: David Johnson, Ebron
Get: Cooper, Gronk, Mixon/Crowell

Do either of these trades ultimately help me? I’m guessing it really all hinges on Gronk’s health…if he can give me 2-3 more years of prime time Gronk, that’s enough for me to pull the trigger having Engram ready to go in a couple years when Marshall is gone. Thoughts?


I would not do the David Johnson trade.

The other trade I’m having a hard time saying no at first glance. Cooper could very well be just as good as OBJ, and Gronk is definitely an upgrade over Ebron if he can stay healthy.


That’s what I’m thinking honestly…I love the prospect of having Cooper and OBJ long-term, but going in to this season with two rookie backs as my starters doesn’t excite me as much as I like Mixon and Fournette both. I’m a Raider fan which is making me question the OBJ/Coop trade lol…good to know it’s not as crazy as I first thought.


I wouldn’t do either of these personally, I think your better sticking with what you have, I don’t think either trade benefits you other than having a homer to cheer for!


No all around. Trade 2 would maybe make me think if you could get Mixon and Crowel along with Gronk and Cooper. However, where you sit right now in a Dynasty league you have probably the #1 RB for the next 3-5 years as well as a WR in OBJ that will most likely be in top 3 for the same time. No need to mess with it.

I would love for you to get a little bit more sure thing at RB since after Fournette im not sold on any of the other guys. But don’t want that depth to come at the expense of losing Johnson.

I would try and sell Snead for Mixon or Crowell. Snead is getting hyped up this year and if he has a good couple weeks I would trade him for Crowell or Mixon if possible.


No Cooper cannot be just as good as OBJ. The first and largest reason he cannot be is that he doesn’t score TDs. Last year Cooper was only 5 for 13 on targets in the RZ and caught 0 of 7 inside the 10.

That is a large drop-off.

I just see no reason to make any of these trades. You already have young talent and depth. Why risk?