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Crazy dynasty trade


.5ppr, demaryius Thomas, ty Montgomery, tyrell Williams for DJ/kenny stills. I have dj/stills, but I need more depth at wr. Baldwin is my best WE. Thoughts? Thanks


In my league, DJ would be a LOT more expensive.

To me this trade looks like a massive downgrade at RB and a middling upgrade at WR. I would only consider this trade if you also received a first round pick or something. Even then, DJ’s value is stupid and someone will pay more.



Thomas is the only sure thing you’d be getting here. Even at that, his consistency (mostly due to inexperience at the QB pos in Denver) isn’t near DJ.


I agree with what’s been said so far. You need way more than that to move DJ.


How about, sex, Spencer ware, and 2 1st round picks


Oops, dez, not sex, sorry


If you can grab Bell with one of those first round picks, maybe. Still don’t like it too much though, DJ is as close as it gets to untouchable in my book.


Don’t trade DJ. You should get twice that.


Aj green, mixon, and a 1st


No way! Keep DJ